World Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report

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Spent some time this morning reading through an extremely long report titled “The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007”, issued by the World Economic Forum. The report is part of an ongoing series that attempts to determine why some countries grow prosperous, while others are left behind.

Travel is considered a key part of the ongoing study since it has become a significant source of economic growth and development for many countries. If interested, you can find the report at .
We suggest you skip the study and read the executive summary which can be found at

Rather than expose you to the details of the report, we will tell you that study includes a worldwide ranking that is based on 13 pillars of travel and tourism, which are as follows:

1. Policy rules and regulations
2. Environment regulation
3. Safety and Security
4. Health and Hygiene
5. Prioritization of Travel and Tourism
6. Air transport infrastructure
7. General transport infrastructure
8. Tourism infrastructure
9. ICT infrastructure (Information and Communications Technology)
10. Price competitiveness in the Travel and Tourism Industry
11. Human resources
12. National tourism perception
13. Natural and cultural resources

The leader in the ranking was Switzerland, followed by Austria, Germany, Iceland and the United States.The results of this fascinating study can best be appreciated by examining the interactive map used to present the rankings. It can be viewed at . Rolling your mouse over the countries on the map will provide their rank and their travel and tourism competitiveness index as rated by this study.
One country will pop out right away. Italy is ranked 33rd of 124 and was penalized for its government not prioritizing travel and tourism and arcane policy rules and regulations related to travel.

In many ways, the rankings of this study mirror the rankings of the same countries based on the number of tourist visits.

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