Brisbane Underwater

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Queensland, home to the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s state that covers much of the northeast of the country, has experienced torrential rains and flooding based on the unusual La Nina weather pattern parked in the Great Southern Ocean (i.e. the South Pacific). All areas of northern Australia have experienced torrential rains and flooding has now reached tragic levels.

The city of Brisbane has been especially hard hit. See this article at Yahoo News for specific details. Note that Queensland is one of Australia’s leading tourist areas and the current flooding has made touring impossible. If you are headed for the Great Barrier Reef or Northern Queensland you might need to delay your journey. The best sources of information on the Australian flooding will be local, so call the hotel you will be staying at in Queensland to get a local’s perspective on the scope of the problems. In addition, search the Internet for Australia-based news sources.

Tasmania, an Australian island and state, located to the south of the continent has also experienced severe flooding. More information is available here.

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