France Prepares For More Terrorism

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An article in today’s BBC news indicated that the government of France has taken additional anti-terrorism preparations after being alerted to a potential terrorism attack. The report was specific and indicated that a female suicide bomber intends to target the country’s transportation system. However, the country has also increased its patrols around national monuments, museums and other tourist attractions (including some shopping areas). DW-World also has good coverage of the terror threat.

Recently, France has been threatened by Islamic militants from the Sahara states of Africa. In addition, France’s recent attack on an al Queda camp in Mali may have contributed to the increased potential for terrorism, as may its recent ban on the headscarves worn by many women who practice Islam.

Travel is not an opportunity that comes without its risks in the modern world and all tourists should be alert for possible dangers whenever and wherever they travel. As a consequence, travelers should weigh the potential dangers of travel when deciding whether or not to travel. If you do travel, pay attention to local news reports at your destination for information on potential problems and always avoid public demonstrations or any other situations that might prove dangerous.

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