No Fuel for Travel in Greece?

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The truck strike continues in Greece and the result is that most areas are running out of fuel. For each 10 gas stations in Athens, only 2 have fuel to sell. In some areas of the country, especially those preferred by tourists, there appears to be no gasoline available. Gee what a great way to spend your vacation in Greece. Read the details at Ekathimerini. For a another view of the problem, see this article by the Wall Street Journal.

The fuel shortage is especially problematic for tour buses and their customers and may lead to a sharp reduction in the number of groups touring the country. In addition to fuel, there are supply problems with produce, especially fruit and vegetables, due to the strike.

The strike by the truckers is related to the government’s plan to increase competition in the trucking industry in 2013, a move that is, apparently, unacceptable to the owners/operators of trucks. At this point there is no way of telling when the strike will halt or how difficult the situation will become in Greece.

The strike is unfortunate for the travel industry in Greece, as vacation travelers were starting to return to the country and incoming air traffic over the last month experienced a significant upsurge. We suspect that this will continue to be a summer of discontent in Greece, at least for travelers, if not for the whole country.

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