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Late last week, the American Society of Travel Agents released its 2007 Summer Hot Spots Survey.  (You can find the press release on their site at http://www.astanet.com/news/index.asp .  The release is dated February 26, 2007).ASTA’s top 5 city-hot spots for the U.S. are Orlando, Las Vegas, New York City, Honolulu and San Francisco. 

The Top 5 international-city hot spots are London, Rome, Cancun, Paris, and Jamaica.  Curiously, the number 6 hot spot is Punta Cana, which ranks ahead of Florence and Venice.  Even more curious, Frankfurt ranks in at number 10!   Who knew Frankfurt was a leader on the world travel scene?

The top 5 country or regional- international hotspots are Italy, UK, Mexico, Caribbean and France.

According to the ASTA survey of travel agents, Europe continues its dominance in the world travel scene, although the Caribbean is gaining popularity as tourist destination.It would be interesting to compare the destinations selected by ASTA (and reflecting the bookings made by travel agents) with the selection of online destination made by direct purchasers who did not use a travel agent.  Unfortunately, the travel agent knows when a booking is for a vacation, while bookings that are made online are confounded, since only the purchaser knows their travel intent.  I suspect however, that ASTA’s report reflects the general trends, but hides some important differences. By the way, it is likely that Frankfurt is seeing more air travel this year, since Frankfurt’s efficient airport is a major transportation hub and a logical jumping off point for catching a river cruise through the Rhine Valley.   Just so you know, European River Cruises are booming this year.  It seems there is a trend to move off the ”big boats” and onto the smaller river cruisers.  Maybe it’s time for you to take a look?



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