Greece Tries a New Lure

June 22, 2010 on 12:36 pm | In Greece Travel,, international travel, things travelers need to know, travel news | Comments Off

Tourism in Greece has suffered this year as parades, demonstrations and riots have been common responses to the country’s economic woes. Because the government required outside funding to resolve its budgetary crisis, it was required, as a debtor, to make some severe cutbacks to the country’s social budgets and these changes are extremely unpopular. The violent responses to the governements programs have caused some travelers to avoid Greece this summer, although the trend may slowly be reversing.

In order to lure the travelers back, the government of Greece is now willing to pay the cost of tourists who are stranded in Greece due to industrial action or natural disaster. Read about this program in this announcement from the BBC. If the news sways you, see the ThereArePlaces guide to the best places to visit in Greece and start your travel planning.

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