Oversleeping – On A Flight?

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Today we read an interesting article in the Telegraph about a passenger who fell asleep during an international flight and woke up to find himself and the plane in an…airport hangar. Apparently, the cabin crew did not notice that he was asleep on board the plane. The plane and sleeping passenger were ferried to a maintenance hangar where he was awakened by a mechanic an hour and half later! He was, then, taken back to the terminal, allowed to claim his luggage and bid goodbye.

This fellow doesn’t know how lucky he was. After all, recently one U.S. airline announced that it would be charging for carry-on luggage, up to $40 per item. RyanAir has once again been making moves that it would implement its “pee fee”, also known as the “bowel bond” to use the lavatories on its fleet of airplanes. Can it be very long until the airlines charge you to sleep on their fleets of “luxury” vehicles and for other related services?

Let’s see – not only did this guy fall asleep on the flight (let’s say that is worth $50) but he did not disembark at the appropriate time (let’s say that is worth another $50), he had to have someone awaken him (easily $25) and was personally ferried back to the terminal ($50) where he claimed his luggage late (another $25). If the carrier he flew (Air Canada) had charged for all of this personalized “service”, they could have gathered another $200.

On the other hand, how could the cabin crew have missed a sleeping passenger and transported him to a secure area of the airport? Hmm, I just received a message from Air Canada charging me $75 for asking that question.

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