More Airlines Banned from European Union Airspace.

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Just so you know, this is NOT an April Fool’s Day article.

Earlier today, we noticed that the European Union had updated its list of airlines banned from operating within EU airspace.

We clicked through to the actual list to see if there were any newsworthy additions – but found no major brands in the “banned” category. Most of the airlines that were banned were from countries having difficulty evolving their air transport systems, aircraft, and operating services to the complex and often confusing standards set by various authorities around the world.

The civil aviation authorities of the Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft of airline that operate flights to and from Community airports. The inspections are random and not comprehensive, meaning that there may be some airlines still operating that do not meet the standards and should be banned, but their flight equipment has not yet been checked. In addition, some of these airlines would be permitted to exercise traffic rights by using leased aircraft from an air-carrier not subject to an operating ban, provided that the relevant safety standards were complied with (sounds worrying to us).

We suspect that many airlines operating in the Western Hemisphere would also be banned from operating in Europe, but these were not on the list because the aircraft used by these suspect organizations are not capable of reaching European airspace from their home bases.

We take airline safety very seriously. And examine lists like these to help you make safe travel choices, which is why we spend time looking through air safety lists from jurisdictions around the world that we cover at ThereArePlaces. However, we found a few unusual names in the European Commission list, ones made even more unique when you consider that making the list is based on the notion that the airline was banned from operating due to safety violations. So, without further introduction here are some airline names from the banned list that we think corporate planners might want to reconsider.

Leading the way in the corporate names of shame for banned airlines are “Safe Air Company” from Sierra Leone and “Air Trust” from the Republic of Kazakhstan – who knew? We would have to think long and hard before we bought tickets for travel on “Destiny Air Services” (Sierra Leone again), or “Golden Rule” (Kyrgyz Republic).

In addition, some of the runner-ups are quite interesting. “Air Rum” from Sierra Leone, does not quite instill the sense of safety and security one would hope for while flying. Perhaps “Zest Airways” in the Republic of the Philippines forgot to use….um zest in their flight safety activities. We had not thought about showing bravado during air travel, but perhaps “Valor Air” (Kyrgyz Republic) knows something we didn’t, at least until they appeared on the European Commission banned list. Not to be left out, there is, apparently, an airline company named “Aviation Technology Innovators” (Philippines), although we are now wondering just what kind of innovation they made to get their service banned.

Of course, we have neglected to comment on the airlines named Scat, and Dames, but you just have to stop at some point. By the way, some of the airline names were brilliant. For instance, we were impressed by the name “Silverback Cargo Freighters” of Rwanda, thinking this a great name, but the European Commission list helped us to realize that airline names are most often unrelated to the safety of their services.

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