Oops – It Seems the State Department Forgot Some Details

June 13, 2007 on 10:22 pm | In country travel information, personal travel, travel, travel news | Comments Off

A few days ago, we wrote a blog that ended with a video supplied by the State Department in which their spokesperson indicated that they were relaxing the rules of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative until the end of September.

As you may know, the implementation of the Initiative required that all U.S. citizens traveling by air to Mexico or the Caribbean would be required to have passports to re-enter the United States.  Due to  monumental delays in processing the large increase in passport applications, the State Department decided to relax the rules and announced that all you would need to travel in the areas covered by the Initiative would be evidence that you had applied for a U.S. passport and had  an official government-issued identification.

Those documents may have been all that the State Department required for you to re-enter the U.S., but the Government of  Mexico requires that you have a certified birth certificate to enter their country, if you do not have a valid passport.  This last weekend, a large number of potential passengers to Mexico and destinations in the Caribbean were denied boarding on flights to these destinations because they did not have the proper papers. 

Be sure to check with your airlines regarding the documents that you will need when visiting any foreign country.


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