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Weather in Europe caused difficulties for travelers last week and the next week does not seem more promising. Due to extremely cold and wet weather in France, the Eurostar has been shut down and remain closed for another day or two. It appears that trains entering the Chunnel from France have had their wheels mysteriously lose traction shortly after entering the Chunnel. The “Official” explanation is that this was the result of the cold weather on the outside and the warm temperatures on the inside of the Chunnel. Not sure we understand the physics of the explanation, but several trains were stuck and in one case the passengers were delayed in arriving in London for over 14 hours. See this article from the BBCfor more details.

Europe is being hit by cold weather and impressive amounts of snow. Air France cancelled flight into Paris and the French authorities shut several of the ports serving the English Channel, claiming that the roads from the ports were too treacherous to drive. For more information on the weather in Europe see this report. As we write this note, it is -10C in Vienna (feels like -20C with the windchill) and snowing). London is -2C and Paris is 0C – seems to be warming up.

By the way, in case you missed it, the planned BAA Cabin Crew strike at Christmas has been cancelled by the courts who ruled it illegal. We are sure that the cabin crews for BAA flying during this period will be in good holiday cheer.

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