Strikes in Italy

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Italians love many things and it shows.  Food in Italy can be the best, fashion is outstanding, the pace of life is wonderful and the strikes—–  well, they never seem to end.

Today, cab drivers across Italy are on strike over dissatisfaction with government plans to open the business to more competition.  According to recent reports, over 85% of the country’s cab drivers were expected to be on strike.  The only good thing about this action is that in smaller cities, it will last for just a few hours and the hours will be staggered across the country.  In larger cities such as Rome, however,the strike will last all day and into the evening.

We know that strikes are discomforting to many. On the other hand, if you want to travel in Italy, you should be preprared for them, as they are very common. 

It is rare that wildcat strikes occur in Italy.  Everyone who wants to strike, must file formal papers with a government board and receive approval to strike. The matters are  considered, approved or denied and the government then publicizes a list of approved strikes, their dates and the geographic locations involved. What this means is that everyone knows when a strike is coming and if you pay attention to the news (or ask at your hotel) you will too.

So, be prepared to go with the flow, as it is likely that there will be a strike of some type during your travel in Italy!


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