Acapulco, Sun, Style, Cliff Diving, Drug Wars and Grenades?

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The travel authorities in Mexico must feel that the cards are stacked against then. First, Influenza H1N1 (Swine Flu) hit the country and tourists stayed away (and are still doing so). Now that the Influenza has started to ebb, it appears that the drug wars are restarting. Over the weekend Acapulco witnessed a fixed battle between the authorities and the local drug gangs in which the members of the drug cartel tossed numerous hand grenades at the police, shops and anything and anyone in their way.

Today, the Federal authorities and the local police stared each other down over drawn guns.
Sounds like the Wild West has resurfaced in Acapulco. Can other tourist towns in Mexico be far behind?

We recommended avoiding Acapulco in our recent revision of our coverage of Mexico at ThereArePlaces because of the city’s economic decline, as well as its current drug cartel problems. However, many cruise ships stop there and it remains a popular shore excursion with most lines. However, the authorities inAcapulco may no longer be in a position to guarantee your safety. If you are going to Mexico, we recommend that you think long and hard about the risks involved in visiting Acapulco – even as a day tour from a cruise liner. Ask your cruise director for an update about personal safety in Acapulco and then make your plans.

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