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Yesterday, we saw an article in the Hurriyet Daily indicating that bootleg booze was causing a tourism problem in Turkey.   Three young German students died last March in Kemer, Turkey as a result of consuming contaminated Vodka they had purchased at a local market.  In turn, this news has caused quite a stir in Europe and bookings have dropped significantly compared to last year (although some of this may be caused by the problems with the world economy).

Turkey is taking action to try and make sure that this issue does not happen again and we wish them luck in their efforts.

Our recommendation: when traveling exercise vigilance, especially in countries where problems with contaminated drinks have been reported.  If you ask for bottled water, check to make sure that the container looks intact, has not been re-used, and has information about the bottling company.  If you are going to drink alcohol, asks for brands with which you are familiar and ask to see the bottle.  If a server is reluctant to show you the bottle, cancel your order.  House brands are more of a problem, since you will probably not recognize them.  Our recommendation – stick with brands you know and inspect the bottle – or skip the drink.

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