The Surprising Voice of Susan Boyle is Like Travel – Exciting and Emotional

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Susan Boyle surprised her audience with a stunning rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.  Apparently she stunned the world too, as the video of her triumph has been viewed over 25 million times on YouTube.   I doubt that there were many who viewed her performance without tears beginning to form. 

I suppose everyone takes something different away from something like this, but I have learned that what’s on the outside and the inside are not necessarily the same and this paradox applies as much to places as it does to people.  I suspect that is one of the main reason I travel and enjoy it so much.

Every time I visit a new location or revisit a familiar place I find that my expectations are trumped by my experiences. In fact, I think that is why we travel.  No one can define your experience.  Our website, ThereArePlaces, does a great job of letting you know what you will find in a location, but cannot inform you on what it will mean to you, or how it will touch you.  So many times I have visited places the some travel writers call tourist traps ( gems like Bruges, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Montemartre in Paris, etc.) and found them incredibly attractive and meaningful to me.  Yes, many places are “touristy”, but sometimes that is merely a reflection that there is something universal about the location that seems to “speak” to everyone. 

Perhaps the lesson from Susan Boyle is that it is worth looking around every corner, examining all of the opportunities and deciding for yourself whether this is a place for you.  Travel is enriching, rewarding, education and an emotional treasure.  Later in your life you will look back on your travel as one of the most meaningful activities in your life.  Why?  Simple.   It is your values that provide the context for the places you remember. 

We realize the poor condition of the world economy may convince many of you to stay at home this year and forgo your vacation.  We suppose you could, but then you might miss that place that is just like Susan Boyle, so much more than it appears to be.  Remember, it just might not wait for you!

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