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Eurocontrol, the agency responsible for air-traffic control in Europe has introduced a new air traffic control system designed to double the number of planes in European airspace, while cutting flight time and enhancing flow-control at European airports.  The AP article can be found here.

We thought the article was interesting since it indicated a growing role for GPS and a diminished one for radio beacons to guide planes.  We wondered, however, how air traffic is going to double in Europe in terms of the finanicial difficulties being experienced by most airlines (not to mention their passengers).  However, we learned a new take on the word “Optimism” when it was mentioned at the very bottom of the article that the new air traffic control system “…should be fully operational by 2025.  Gee, only 16 years to wait for improved air-control.

On the other side of the world, the Supreme Court of Hawaii decided that the Hawaii Superferry, a car ferry that was running between Oahu and Maui (with plans to include Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii), was operating without a full environmental impact statement and would be closed down until one was filed and approved.  We suspect that the ruling will end the ferry’s emerging role as a popular, alternative mode of inter-island travel and the owners of the service have said as much.  We suspect that the island small field of air carriers are doing the Hula in celebration.   See our Hawaii Guide for more details von the best places to visit in Hawaii.

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