Are “The Troubles” Re-emerging In Northern Ireland?

March 8, 2009 on 4:10 pm | In Ireland travel, Northern Ireland travel, The Troubles, travel news, travel warnings | Comments Off

Northern Ireland has seen a re-emergence of violence over the weekend, which may be a new phase of “The Troubles”.   Solidiers accepting a pizza delivery and the lads delivering the pizza  to the Massereene barracks near Antrim, Northern Ireland (northwest of Belfast)  were attacked by gunmen firing automated weapons.  Two solidiers were killed, while the delivery personnel and two soldiers were wounded.  It was reported that the solidiers who died, had been wounded were then executed by a second shooter as they lay incapacitated. 

Apparenly the attack was claimed by the “Real” Ira, a group that separated from the IRA, when the main group decided to support the Easter Sunday Peace Initiative, several years ago.

Anyone considering travel in Northern Ireland should pay close attention to this situation, as it has a nasty habit of involving innocent bystanders.

See the BBC Website for more details on the attack and its probable background.

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