UK Confuses Carry-On Luggage Restrictions!

January 8, 2008 on 5:12 pm | In London, United Kingdom, country travel information, personal travel | 4 Comments

Just when you thought it could not get any loonier, we have a topper.  On January 7th the Department of Transport in the UK lifted the one-bag limit that it had placed on travelers flying from airports in the UK. 

For example, last month we traveled to Munich through Heathrow, changing from an American Airlines flight to a Lufthansa flight at Heathrow.  We were prepared for the one bag limitation, but many of our fellow travelers were not and most had to check their second bag before they could board their connecting flight at Heathrow.

While the new rule change should have abolished this difficulty, it has not.  Instead, although the government has changed its policy, it allows the airports and airlines to establish their own policy regarding carry-on limits.  In other words, you cannot be sure that you can carry a second bag because the airport or airline may prohibit your carrying a second bag. 

For example airlines at Heathrow have the option of allowing you to take a second bag – although many have announced that they are keeping the one bag limitation.   As another example, Standsted Airport has decided not to change their existing policy limiting you to one bag of carry-on luggage.  The only way to try to figure this out is to call your airline’s service center and ask.

One potential shortcut is this article published by the BBC which lists the the policy by airport and airline. In the end, however, you will need to contact your airline to determine the specifics.




Flying with Spare Batteries – New U.S. Rules

January 1, 2008 on 11:45 am | In country travel information, personal travel, travel, travel news, travel restrictions | Comments Off

Well, for those of you who fly within the United States and carry spare, lithium batteries for your cell-phone, camcorder, camera, or laptop, the world of travel will  get a little more difficult today (January 1, 2008).  The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a complicated set of new rules governing the transport spare batteries while flying.

We have added an article to our website that outlines what you need to know and tips to get you into compliance with the new requirements.  You can find it in our articles on travel planning here

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