Kenya Kidnapping Threat

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Although we do not currently cover Africa as a vacation destination at, there is a threat to Americans in Kenya that we want to bring to your attention.  The information was included in a Consular Affairs Bulletin issued by the U.S. Department of State.  The material of interest follows:

U.S. Embassy Nairobi issued the following Warden Message on September 28:

U.S. Embassy Nairobi has received information that Islamic extremists in southern Somalia may be planning kidnapping operations inside of Kenya. There are indications that Islamic extremists based in Somalia may be planning to target Westerners, especially American citizens, in the Kiwayu Island tourist area and other beach sites frequented by Western travelers on the northeast coast near Somalia. All U.S. citizens in these areas should exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant at all times.

Terracotta Army on Display at British Museum.

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“The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army” exhibition is on  at the British Museum from 13 September 2007 until 6 April 2008. The show features 12 of the 2,000-year-old terracotta soldiers from the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi, the First Emperor of China .  Numerous other artifacts are on display.

The exhibition is stunning, as the soldiers of the Terracotta Army are displayed at eye level and their details are astonishing.  See this British Museum site for more details.



London Tube Strike Cancelled

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The strike that disabled the London Underground yesterday has been cancelled.  Services are now back to normal, but it is not yet clear whether a second strike that was set for next week will occur.  We will update this story when definitive information about the follow-on strike is available.

Transport in London was a mess yesterday as the millions who normally take the “Tube” were forced to seek other alternatives.

Are You Hearing Voices on ThereArePlaces?

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Honest – we are not haunted! We are running a test.

Over the weekend we added some audio spots to introduce topics on several of our website pages. 

We chose an avatar to do our “speaking”.  We call him Tapdude, although a Tapdudette is in the works (hmm – that does not sound quite right).

In any event, we hope that the addition of short bits of audio (30 to 45 seconds) will help point out features and other aspects of our site that you might have missed.  In a few spots we are using the audio to point out advertisers whose products we think are ones that might be useful to you.

We have also used the audio to introduce a feature titled  “(Insert city name) In Less Than a Minute”.  We provide a synopsis of what to see in Paris and London during a 45 second overview – just to get you started.  Hope it helps.  If it is successful, we will add it to other pages.

The recordings  are set to play once a month and should not repeat unless you are connecting from a different PC or from a different location.  If you do not want to listen to the message, simply click the pause button on the “player”.

Let us know your thoughts about this feature.  Leave a note here or contact us at feedback2 dot thereareplaces dot com.  (We used this form of address to try and avoid spammers, who spider websites looking for email addresses).

Virgin Atlantic Sale

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Virgin Atlantic has a promotion running from now until September 12th.  If you are lucky enough to live in the Northeast of the US, you might be able to snag a ticket for $143 each way!   Prices are higher as you proceed across the US in a westerly direction ( = longer flights). Travel dates are extensive and, according to our sources, the fuel surcharge is included in the advertised price (although the September 11th security fee is not).

Click on the banners on our England or London Pages for more information.

London Underground Strike – Transport a Mess!

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The National Rail, Maritime and Transport workers started a 72 hour strike late Monday evening that closed most of the London Underground.  The group has threatened a second 72 hour strike next week unless their demands for job security are met.

See the International Herald Tribune for more detail.


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