Temporary Change in Certain Passport Rules Until September

June 8, 2007 on 7:21 pm | In country travel information, personal travel, travel, travel news | Comments Off

The State Department has decided to change key aspects of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, due to problems related to delays in issuing passports. 

As you may know, the new rules required passports for air travelers re-entering the U.S. from countries in the Western Hemisphere that had previously been exempt from the general passport requirements.   Rather than reiterate the new changes, we thought that we would show you the video put of by the U.S. Department of State in an attempt to clarify the new rules.


New Passport Initiative

ETA Ceasefire to End?

June 5, 2007 on 12:15 pm | In country travel information, travel, travel news, travel warnings | Comments Off

ETA, which has been using terrorist tactics as part of their strategy to establish an independent Basque state for over 40 years, has announced their intent to end the ceasefire they had been observing with Spain.  The actions of the ETA have resulted in over 800 deaths during the period.

It is the ETA’s goal to establish a Basque homeland,  a country that is comprised of areas along the border between Spain and France, with both countries ceding area to the proposed state.  Neither France nor Spain has indicated interest in the proposition.

At this point it is impossible to determine whether the statement that the ceasefire will be terminated is posturing or the prelude to more terrorist attacks.  If you plan on traveling in either Spain or France, keep an ear out for potential trouble.

Continued Trouble for G-8

June 5, 2007 on 12:12 pm | In country travel information, personal travel, travel, travel news, travel warnings | Comments Off

As we noted in our earlier post, the buildup to the G-8 has been as bad as forecast.  Earlier today militants opposed to the G-8 firebombed a Mercedes Dealer in… Zurich, Switzerland!  In Rostock, Germany hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested in the last week.  Look for more trouble in Germany during the next three days as the Summit hits full swing.

We recommend that you avoid demonstrations when traveling.  Although it may seem like the “in” thing, trouble seems to follow. 

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