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Several items caught our eye recently. For those of you traveling to Greece, there is a new ban on smoking in public places, although there is some disagreement on how effective it will be since over forty-percent of the Greek population like to light-up now and then.

In Odense, Denmark there has been a curious turn of events. The Hells Angels have taken a stand against Muslims and immigrants in Denmark who hate, so the Hells Angels state “…the Danish culture and way of life.” Under the guise of rescuing the country from what it calls the “jackal mentality”, the Hells Angels are recruiting new gang members to help them with this task. Police believe that this is really a turf war in disguise between the Hells Angels and immigrant gangs for the control of drugs and other illegal activities. Note: there have been daylight attacks by the immigrant gangs in Odense, Funen, sometimes involving innocent people just wandering by.

Next, they must be having a good time on the island of Crete, since today it was hit with a magnitude 6.7 earthquake offshore of Iraklion, but it appears the quake was not felt by anyone asked.

For those of you in the U.S. American Airlines is having an air sale to Europe, but tickets must be purchased by July 15 for travel into the fall. See American’s website for details.

Finally, although not as newsworthy as more important things happening around the world, our new Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Rome is proving very popular with our readers. If you have not yet seen it, take a look at ThereArePlaces to try it for yourself.

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New Acropolis Museum Opens

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The new Acropolis Museum opened this weekend after a decade of wrangling about its design, architects and location. By all reports, the new museum is a success.

Located very close to the Acropolis, the new museum is spacious and included light and airy display areas that provide a fitting venue for its collection of treasures from the Acropolis. See the museum’s official website for information on its collections and visiting. For more information on Athens, see ThereArePlaces.

Of course, it is impossible for almost anything to happen in Greece without a controversy. In this case, it involves the Elgin Marbles that are part of the collection of the British Museum in London (see what the British Museum says about the controversy here. It appears that Lord Elgin, the British ambassador to Greece in 1811 received the permission of the Ottoman Turks (who then ruled in Greece) to take artifacts from the Acropolis to London, where the government purchased them from him several years later. For quite some time Greece has been arguing that the works should be returned to Greece and the British have demurred, indicating that Greece had no place to safely display them. What now?

Look here for our review of the British Museum and the British Library in London.

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