London Tube Strike Cancelled

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The strike that disabled the London Underground yesterday has been cancelled.  Services are now back to normal, but it is not yet clear whether a second strike that was set for next week will occur.  We will update this story when definitive information about the follow-on strike is available.

Transport in London was a mess yesterday as the millions who normally take the “Tube” were forced to seek other alternatives.

Virgin Atlantic Sale

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Virgin Atlantic has a promotion running from now until September 12th.  If you are lucky enough to live in the Northeast of the US, you might be able to snag a ticket for $143 each way!   Prices are higher as you proceed across the US in a westerly direction ( = longer flights). Travel dates are extensive and, according to our sources, the fuel surcharge is included in the advertised price (although the September 11th security fee is not).

Click on the banners on our England or London Pages for more information.

London Underground Strike – Transport a Mess!

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The National Rail, Maritime and Transport workers started a 72 hour strike late Monday evening that closed most of the London Underground.  The group has threatened a second 72 hour strike next week unless their demands for job security are met.

See the International Herald Tribune for more detail.


Trouble at Heathrow

August 25, 2007 on 9:31 am | In London, United Kingdom, country travel information, personal travel, travel, travel news, vacation travel | 1 Comment

Heathrow Airport in London seems to be adding to traveler woes this summer. 

Take a look at this article in the Los Angeles Times that describes the numerous problems the airport has experienced while dealing with an ever increasing numbers of travelers. 

If you are transferring through Heathrow, you might want to budget some extra time and pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.  Don’t forget, in Europe you can board only one carry-on.  There is no variance for an additional purse, briefcase or laptop (these are regarded as your one carry-on), unless they fit inside your carry-on.  Your carry-on will be subject to size and weight limits.  Check with your air carrier for details.

Big Ben Stilled for Six Weeks

August 11, 2007 on 10:34 am | In London, United Kingdom, country travel information, travel, travel news | 1 Comment

Various news organization are reporting that Big Ben will not chime of over the next six weeks (until mid-September) due to maintenance and cleaning.  The work is part of the preparations for the “Great Clock’s” 150th aniversary in 2009.  As you may know, “Big Ben” is the name of the 13.5 tone bell the clocktower  houses.  For more information, see this article by the BBC 

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